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Our business concept is aimed at building a Sound speaker system, an Amplifier, a Bass Combo and an Automatic-Electric Change-Over gadget by infusing innovations that guarantee greater durability and weather-resistance considerations at a less fraction of the cost of commercial designs. Given all the mentioned products are produced currently internationally or import based, we are also positive that pioneering an indigenous value based electronic gadget production system that optimises the qualities of efficient product performance will compete favourably with products of complimentary standards in our open markets.

Quality Products for Quality Sound


Our Concept

Our concept is borne out of a desire to indigenously assemble and design panels for producing quality products with the aim of meeting future market demands and building a growing customer base for satisfying demands in the following named products:
a. A Sound speaker
b. Power Amplifier
c. A Bass Combo and
d. An auto-electric change-over gadget

Given most commercial Sound speakers, Power Amplifier, Bass Combos and Electric change-over products in Nigeria are all foreign based prototypes and imports, there has been limited indigenous participation in actual production of the aforementioned gadgets ; Our idea to formalise decision for investing our innovation into this products became more profitable to look at in a time when Nigeria is experiencing a widow of economic downturn and priotizing
her inward-looking policies more favourably to confront a likelihood of future shortages in foreign products due to forex access issues. We can generally believe that in every difficult season there are still opportunities and it takes God’s favour to anticipate same from our point of view. It is by this fact that we anticipate the likelihood of a future scarcity of the quality levels in the above mentioned products. We therefore see in this time the best season to profitably finance our products and expand our indigenous business-outlet in the
aforementioned products. We have been into general electrical gadget maintenance business for about 10years – basically in programs of solar gadgets and the building of electric inverters from stabilizers; In the last two years, We began focusing more into the current idea of designing and producing component panels for helping us achieve indigenous production. 

In terms of indigenous production of Sound speakers, Power
Amplifier, Bass Combo and Electric Auto-Change-Over gadget are negligible. Most participants in the industry are into retail marketing or wholesale import concessions of the products. are the music industry, law enforcement, government orientation agency, social mobilisation ventures and religious centers amongst other crowd addressing businesses. is bound to soar when the focus is on actual product creations or innovations. The idea of outclassing products of a similar kind through innovations makes the difference for its marketability potentials. Our product have the elements for enabling such a difference by creatively churning out rugged products that can alter competition in our favour.

Built for Durability


for our products are gradually being minimized because of certain business projections. We foresee an increase in the cost price for Sound speakers and Bass Combos in particular with time because of the economic policies affecting foreign exchange of the Nigerian currency: The addiction by Nigerians to buying mostly foreign
based products is likely to become challenged as well. 

Our capacity to acquire long-term production equipments that can help us in the efficient fabrication of parts will enable us to cut production cost with time while still maintaining product-quality.
Previously, it would have taken more long-term financing to attain breaking-even for profit margins but with a looming recession, the likelihood will be shorter as we increase customer base with cheaper products. may likely take time to catch up on us under the current economic climes in Nigeria and by the time things begin to reverse the current economic-scenarios, we hope to have a niche product market for atleast one of our products and that will enable us stabilise production on all others.

The focus of this business industry is to improvise and produce more affordable and more durable Sound-speaker systems, Power Amplifier, Bass Combos and Automatic-Electric Change-Over gadge. t Our business innovates this products for the Nigeria and hopefully the West African market as well.

 The kind of Market being targeted for this product is a market niche in the area of providing alternative and cheaper products that will enhance a reduction in dependency on foreign based imported products. Our product will create a composite market, but with a difference in-terms of offering higher durability and weather resistance components for comparable products. The market niche will come as a great relief at a time when dependable products are likely to be in scarce supply due to import limitations. Our gadgets will be affordable and create better opportunities for suppliers and maintainers of electric gadgets for our products.
This business will be a Private Limited Liability Company. The company will ensure a commission offer to the Partner investors’ financing it.
a. Ability to produce our products locally to maintain steady product stream for customers.
b. Providing a duration for after sales maintenance to ensure customer satisfaction on all
our products. 
c. Ability to withstand external policy shocks that affect import based products.

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